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Customer Service Excellence of the Year: The Home Hero

Posted Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

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What does it take to receive the Customer Service Excellence of the Year Award? Check out what Peter Rose, Owner of The Home Hero, has to say as we highlight one of the excellent small businesses that drives the Greater Philadelphia region. Join us to celebrate the 34th Annual Excellence Award winners on Thursday, November 17 »


The Home Hero is Philadelphia’s only Super-Powered Handyman Service. Winner of a variety of Philadelphia-based awards and over 100 A+ online consumer reviews. Specializing in performing jobs too small for mere mortal contractors, The Home Hero offers quality craftsmanship, polite and friendly technicians and a heroic commitment to customer service. Their technicians (licensed, insured, trained and dedicated) are respectful of your family, your space, and your time.

In 2009, Peter Rose, owner of The Home Hero, had been laid off from his career of 15 years in advertising, sales, and marketing. With little job prospects on the market at the time, he began performing handyman work on the side to make some extra money to support his young family. Out of the ashes of this financial downturn came The Home Hero, completely out of necessity to survive.

“The business had to be profitable from day one. There was no other option, and no financial net to fall back upon,” explains Rose. “Quickly, it became clear that there was a tremendous need in the marketplace for high-end, small-scale residential improvement mixed together with excellent customer service and communication. The Home Hero was born!”

The Home Hero differs from any other handyman services by using cloud based and mobile app software. “Utilizing [this software], we can accurately schedule work weeks in advance, enable our techs to work off of mobile devices in the field, send our customers electronic invoices, provide scanned copies of all receipts after every job and even provide same day electronic estimates,” says Rose.

Handyman services are not necessarily known for their trustworthiness and reliability. Rose describes the feeling of being mistrusted before even unpacking his tools. “When we walk into a home, people are usually on the defensive.” The Home Hero combats this stereotype with giving quality customer service. “What these people come to realize is that all 15 people who work for this company care! We really care and we take it really personally when a job doesn’t go right or if a customer is unpleased.”

Despite having to win over the customer before even stepping foot in their home, Rose says his business philosophy remains the same. “Rule #1, an oldy but a goody: The customer is always right. Even when they are wrong, they are right. And when they are really, really wrong, go back and re-read rule #1.” Believing that this is an aspect so many businesses get wrong as they grow and expand, this rule has become a huge influence in company culture. “We hire people that we feel naturally and organically want to be helpful. Because it’s our crew that are the face of the brand,” says Rose. “They have to represent it everywhere we go each and every day.”

Had it not been for local resources in the Philadelphia region business community, The Home Hero may not be where it is today. “The resources that are available locally are unmatched… for example, after completing the Goldman Sachs 10KSB program (a huge advantage for our region’s small businesses), I gained valuable business management and financial education,” explained Rose. “The program introduced me to PIDC (another amazing resource in our city) and the knowledge gained and the plan crafted helped me secure my first small business loan, and more.”

Since 2009, Rose has personally walked into over 5,000 homes, employed over 40 different workers, and as a company completed nearly 1,000 jobs. Receiving the Customer Service Excellence Award is proof that his commitment has paid off. “Receiving this award means that my personal mission, to treat every single customer as if they were the only one, is working!” says Rose. “That not only are people happy with us, but now we’ve been recognized by the broader business community as best in class. It’s a huge feeling of satisfaction and vindication that our white collar approach to a blue collar industry is unique, timely, and so badly needed.”

The Home Hero is poised for rapid expansion over the next three to five years, hoping to expand to the wider Philadelphia market, inclusive of the four largest surrounding counties. “They represent over 300,000 potential customers,” says Rose. “an opportunity that could grow our company 10 fold in size.”

2 Responses to “Customer Service Excellence of the Year: The Home Hero”

  1. David Geltzer says:

    Congratulations Pete. You are the best. So proud of you.
    David Geltzer

  2. Shelley Geltzer says:

    Pete Rose is the best!

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