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Member Perspective: Cassandra Bailey

Posted Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

Member News

Guest Commentator: Cassandra Bailey, President & CEO, Slice Communications @SliceComm, @Cassapedia

How has the Philadelphia business community supported the growth of your company?

I’ve been very lucky in my career to hold positions in marketing, public relations, public policy, law, government, and economic development.  One of the things that all these jobs have in common is a focus on people and relationships.  Creating a network was not something that came naturally to me.  Neither of my parents is in the business community.  But I did not learn this lesson on my own; many mentors and friends showed me the way when I was younger, pushing me to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people.

Many people have said that Philadelphia is the biggest small town in the country.  I agree with this for the most part.  The business community here is tight-knit and interconnected.  And yet, every week I meet new people I’ve never known before.

Much of my networking activity these days is spent in the technology and women-owned business communities.  The Women’s Business Enterprise Council, Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs, Science Center, Philly Ad Club, Union League, and Entrepreneurs Organization are all ready-made networks that I’ve had the pleasure of joining in the past few years.  I’ve also had the great joy of joining the Chamber’s Small Business Board following my company being named the 2015 Professional Service Excellence of the Year.  

Business networks are just one leg in the stool though.  My parents raised me to give back to my community, and the relationships I’ve developed with those communities are invaluable to my left let alone my business.  Tree House Books, Hopeworks ‘N Camden, and the Red Cross have given so much more to me than I have to them and the relationships I’ve formed will be time-tested.

The third part of my networking strategy is to bring people together by hosting our own happenings and events.  As an entrepreneur, I have a thirst to do things my own way and I’ve been incredibly lucky that our team at Slice and our partners in Philadelphia have been excited to come along.  This year, we’ll once again host Mashable’s Social Media Day in Philadelphia which will bring together social media experts from across the country for learning and networking.  For Small Business Week and Philly Tech Week, Slice will be hosting a series of CEO breakfasts to strengthen our relationships and add value to executives in our network.  

Business groups, non-profits, and our own efforts have created a full-circle networking strategy that works for me and can work for anyone.  I hope to see you out networking soon.

Join the ranks of  Cassandra Bailey along with our region’s most prestigious businesses and business leaders. Nominate a deserving business, including your own, at chamberphl.com/ea/nominate.

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