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Member Perspective: Anthony Campisi

Posted Thursday, July 27th, 2017

Member Submitted, Action Teams, Middle Market

Guest Commentator: Anthony Campisi, President and CEO, Annodyne, @Annodyne

What marketing techniques should middle market businesses be practicing in order to strategically grow?

For middle market businesses to grow and avoid the dreaded plateau (or worse, a decline), marketing has to be centered on creating a sustainable lead generation system.

Building a sustainable lead generation system involves five steps.

1. Audience Research & Messaging

When it comes to research, you want to identify three main attributes about your ideal client:

  • Demographics, such as regional information, revenue or net worth, and age.
  • Psychographic information, such as what they care about most as it relates to your product or service.
  • Media platform, meaning where they’re likely to be open to receiving information about your company whether it be online, on their smart phone or at an event.

Once you understand more about the audience you’re targeting, your main task is to clearly communicate the benefit you’ll deliver in exchange for their valuable attention. No longer is marketing about just “getting your name out there.” It’s about crafting carefully orchestrated messages and communicating them in places where you know your target audience has a presence.

2. Continuously Improving Campaigns And Scoring Leads

Once your campaigns have launched, don’t just sit back and wait for leads to come in. Instead, review early metrics against your goals and look for opportunities to make adjustments. Rarely do marketing campaigns instantly perform out of the gate. It’s often through relentless attention and campaign optimization that goals are eventually met over time.

Begin scoring the leads that are generated, and you’ll have a better grasp at knowing how well your marketing is working.

3. Technology

Some baseline metrics your marketing technology should evaluate and measure for you include:

  • Open rates and interaction rates on email campaigns
  • Website traffic and highest visited pages
  • Sources of leads generated
  • Quantity of leads generated per source

In the absence of a robust, comprehensive marketing tool, measure the impact of your marketing by recording data in a simple spreadsheet.

4. Perform An Analysis On Closed Opportunities

Not all marketing methods that generate the most leads are necessarily the methods that generate the most won opportunities. By tracking each closed piece of business back to its marketing origin, you’ll gain the critical intel you need to make wiser marketing choices moving forward.

5. A Strategist Managing It All

A marketing strategist knows how to execute marketing, measure it, and challenge its performance by constantly presenting new attributes to test. They’re neurotic about attempting to out-perform the current state of your marketing. It’s this passion for optimization that ultimately creates your sustainable lead generation system.


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The Chamber is actively working to expand economic opportunity for our middle market businesses through our Middle Market Action Team (MMAT), which convenes a cross-functional group of top executives and stakeholders with a shared vision and agenda to amplify business growth and security, provide access to existing regional resources, and identify opportunities to coordinate activities and services for the middle market. If you are interested in being a part of the Middle Market Action Team, contact Erin Plawecki.

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