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Questions for the Roadmap

These questions work to create dialogue around how the business community, civic organizations, and neighborhood leaders can work collaboratively with Mayor Kenney and City Council to improve upon our economic assets and quality of life in Philadelphia.

Building Opportunities for Business Creation and Growth

  • What can we work on collaboratively to make Philadelphia the best city in the country in which to do business?
  • How can Philadelphia’s business leaders work with the Mayor and City Council to attract capital investment to spur small business growth?
  • What kinds of resources do minority-, women- and disabled-owned businesses need to better compete for city contracts and grow their businesses?

Revitalizing Neighborhood Economies

  • How can we enhance the performance of business improvement districts and commercial corridors to stimulate economic growth in neighborhoods?
  • How can we create a more welcoming environment for immigrant businesses
    so that they will thrive, increase economic activity, and create jobs?
  • What are new approaches that can promote prosperity and economic opportunity for every Philadelphian?

Developing a Trained and Educated Workforce

  • What role can the city’s business and civic community play in improving PreK-12 public education and strengthen charter, parochial and private schools in Philadelphia?
  • How can the city work to better align curriculums in local high schools,
    community colleges and vocational technical schools with the workforce needs of local companies and industries?
  • How can we work together to strengthen the higher education talent pipeline and support economic growth?

Leveraging Our Intrastructure

  • How can we leverage Philadelphia International Airport as an economic engine that enhances business and leisure travel as well as the movement of goods?
  • How can we find the best use of Philadelphia’s maritime complex to leverage opportunities for goods movement, logistics and additive manufacturing?
  • How can we accelerate the development of an “energy hub” that can broaden the tax base and create opportunities for high-skilled jobs in the city and region?

You can find guest commentary in response to these questions in our news section and you can add your own voice to the discussion at our Roadmap Policy Forums or on Twitter using #PhillyRoadmap.